Cheadle Glass design, manufacture and install striking glass balustrades for domestic and commercial clients.

Glass balustrades give an elegant finish and allow uninterrupted views. They create an impressive look, maximise light and space and can be used for staircases, balconies and terraces.




Balustrade Products

The glass balustrades produced by Cheadle Glass are bespoke and our in-house team of experts will assist in specifying the right solution for your requirements. Our glass balustrades can be frameless or glazed in a stainless-steel balustrade system or be totally bespoke to suit your specifications.

From a practical perspective, glass balustrades attract less dust than traditional turned spindles and can be customised by being fitted directly into the rails or clamped into position using chrome, brushed steel or brass clamps. The transparent nature of glass makes it possible to incorporate a picture or logo in the panels for branding purposes.

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Stainless steel post and Handrail systems

Stainless steel post & Handrail systems

Cheadle Glass Systems can offer a full range of stainless steel posts & handrail systems which can be used for many domestic and commercial installations. Installed with toughened safety glass infill panels these systems can look elegant whilst providing a fully certified safety barrier.

Our stainless steel range are installed with 316 external grade stainless steel which require minimal up keep and are perfect for Decking, Terraces, Patios, Swimming Pool screens, Holiday homes and much more.

Structural glass balustrades and walk on floor glass

Structural floor glass

A glass floor manufactured by Cheadle Glass is one of the most effective ways to transform your home. A glass floor can add a unique aesthetic quality whilst providing your home with ventilation and insulation and flood spaces below with natural light.

It is not always easy for light to permeate to the heart of a property. Planning restrictions can limit the size of windows on new builds, while on conversion or renovation projects you’ll often be limited by the existing structure. In such situations, designers look to ‘borrow light’ with features such as glass floors. Cheadle Glass can design and install structural glass to create frameless glass floors. These highly durable walk on glass surfaces are manufactured using the highest specifications of glazing to ensure a light and clear glass surface.

Cheadle Glass manufacture and install internal and external walk on glass floors to almost any size, with a triple glazed or multi laminate specification as standard. All Cheadle Glass glass floors are made to measure and are available on a supply and delivery basis or supply and installation using our experienced installers

Structural glass balustrades and walk on floor glass

Frameless glass balustrade systems

Frameless Glass Balustrades have become the go to option for creating a modern design feature on many projects internally or externally that creates a contemporary nonobtrusive safety barrier.

Using our structural toughened laminated glass manufactured in house by our specialist workforce our frameless glass balustrades can be used for many applications meeting all current safety standards.

Our Frameless glass balustrades are perfect for, Balconies, Terraces, Stairwells, Decked areas and much more.

Structural glass balustrades and walk on floor glass

Juliet Balustrades

Juliet balustrades are becoming more and more popular these days and can be retro fitted to most window openings with our wide range of systems. Installing a Juliet balustrade system can create a beautiful and invisible safety barrier which in most cases do not require any planning permissions.

From a single piece of structural safety glass to a fully framed stainless steel system Cheadle Glass Systems can supply and install the perfect system for your project.

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