Office Partitions

Cheadle Glass specialise in the supply and installation of frameless glass office partitions. Our friendly, personal service, extensive knowledge and experience has made us a source of expertise and advice for many design houses and architects.




Office Partition

Office Partitions

Glass partitions provide the perfect solution for those who require a minimalist environment with maximum light transfer. The use of subtle lighting, creative designs, company logos, corporate colours, sandblasting and privacy glass can add style and efficiency to any office layout.

Frameless glass partitions make a great addition to any office whether you are looking to create meeting rooms, additional offices or just form divisions within your offices. Glass partitioning systems are a quick, easy and non-disruptive solution to an office refurbishment.

From commercial buildings to corporate offices, the use of glass office partitions creates an open and more inviting space and gives a pleasant aesthetic. We can help you design and create the ideal office environment. There are a variety of ways you can use glass partitions in your office space.

Office Partition

Bespoke Solutions

We also provide bespoke frameless glass doors to enhance interiors, with the bare minimum elements. Whether you want to create more privacy or just divide spaces.

Glass partitions are available in a variety of options and for a range of budgets so are a suitable option for nearly all offices.



  • Easily segregate offices/meeting rooms
  • Give the area a bright and open feel
  • Maximize small spaces
  • Soundproofing options for private business meetings

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