Cheadle Glass produce a wide range of mirrors that can transform any room. Mirrors are a great way of bringing natural light into your room at no extra cost, light is able to enter the room and then bounces of the mirror, lighting up all corners of the room. Cheadle Glass supply mirrors to homes and businesses in Manchester. All the mirrors we supply are cut to size, once you have chosen the size and mirror you want we can send one of our professional installers to fit your mirror.





Mirror Products

Mirrors can be processed in exactly the same way as any other glass product. The edges can be polished and bevelled, holes drilled, designs cut or sandblasted into the face or back, holes cut or glass shelves bonded to the front face of the mirror.

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Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are the finishing touches needed to elevate and improve any space. An essential part of your bathroom routine , mirrors not only provide style but also serve a function.

It’s important to find the right bathroom mirror to fit your space and needs.

Gym mirrored walls

Mirrored Gym Walls

Create the illusion of extra space or enhance the light within a room by creating a mirrored wall.

This will make the room look bigger and brighter, as well as producing a stunning effect.

Mirrored Splash backs

Mirrored Splash-back

A splash-back with a mirror finish works wonderfully in any type and style of space.

We have a complete range of mirror finishes to suit all decors and styles, which means you can have a stunning mirror across the whole of your kitchen including behind the hob.

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