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Design your own unique living spaces with our Deco Line range of doors and screens. Historically influenced our bespoke range of doors and screens complement any space giving that industrial look which are inspired by traditional steel windows from the past.

Our bespoke systems are based on toughened safety glass which are manufactured with a minimalist aluminium outer frame and offer seamless sightlines installed with the iconic grid design to suit any specific design.

Designed with modern living in mind our range will fit in with not only modern homes but traditional heritage properties. Our full range of doors and screens are manufactured in house with over 50 years of experience in the trade.




Deco Line Single Door & Fixed Side Light

Single Door & Fixed Side Light

When an opening is too large for 1 door we can offer a single door with a fixed side light in any configuration left or right handed to suit your requirements.

Manufactured in 10mm toughened safety glass complete with glass to wall or top and bottom patch hinges fitted with our black slimline aluminium outer edge to create that industrial look.

Deco Line Double Doors

Double Doors

Our Deco Line door systems can be installed to create Drama to a space with double opening doors which can be installed with either glass to wall hinges or top and bottom hydraulic patch hinges. Double doors are generally installed into an opening of no more than 2 meters wide.

Installed using our 10mm toughened safety glass and our black slimline outer frame.

Various handle options and push plates are available.

Deco Line Fixed Screens

Fixed Screens

Our Deco Line fixed screens can be an impressive way of dividing two areas when attempting to keep light at its upmost.

Installed with 10mm toughened safety glass and fitted with our black aluminium outer frame we can create a fixed screen with our bespoke banding to any design required.

Tinted or opaque options are also available.

Deco Line Double Doors with Fixed Side Lights

Double Doors With Fixed Side Lights

Our Deco Line system can be used to create a grand visual effect in larger openings where double doors can be installed to close off an area but also retain a large walkthrough when opened.

Installed using our 10mm toughened safety glass and slimline aluminium outer edges these double doors can be configured to fold back 180 degrees to allow full access into the space beyond.

Deco Line Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

When space is tight our Deco Line sliding door system could be the option for you utilizing our ceiling fixed or wall fixed track system. Our system is installed with no bottom threshold for a seamless connection between rooms,  comes standard with soft close action on both doors.

Various handle types and push plates are available.

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